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Frank Brandon Shihan – Western Province Head

Frank Brandon Shihan
Frank Brandon Shihan

2015 Message:

This is an exciting year filled with important events in which milestones will be achieved.

Western Province and the Hombu Dojo will be hosting the 40th National Goju Kai Championships and hope to celebrate this anniversary with our big South African Goju Kai family.

There will be another All Africa Cultural Exchange with Japan in April. This magical journey to the home of our style has had the most positive effect on our members both young and old.

This experience remains deep inside those who have experienced the truth about our style while seeing Japan, which is rich in tradition and history.

Most importantly, All Africa Goju Kai in collaboration with the All Africa Goju Kai Hombu Dojo will be hosting the first ever 4 Masters seminar.

The beauty about this seminar is that we have an incredible group of Masters that will teach during both Junior and Senior seminars.

The 4 Masters who will teach are Saiko Shihan, our world Leader and both his Vice Presidents, Ingo Dejong Hanshi (European President) and Peter Brandon Hanshi African President. Masatoshi Yamaguchi Shihan will also attend as one of the teaching masters. Yamaguchi Shihan is well known throughout South Africa for his true Budo way.

Ingo Hanshi will be coming to South Africa for the first time and we are in for a treat been taught by one of the greatest.

This is the first time Goju Kai has had the heads of Europe and Africa, as well as our World President from Japan, teach together on African soil.

We are excited and optimistic in our quest to build Goju Kai as well as preserve the integrity of our style and traditions.

Frank Brandon Shihan