Emmanuel Dyantyi Shihan

Emmanuel Dyantjies SenseiEmmanuel Dyantyi is my name. I started karate 28 years ago under the instruction of Patrick Plum. I fell in love with karate. Then I was introduced to provincial karate through Peter Brandon Hanshi and met Shihan Frank Brandon and Craig Kansley Shihan . They would go and train in the townships with Peter Hanshi. As young boys we did not know what apartheid was. When I was in my teens it became clear to me that there was difference between white people and black people, but did not feel that because Peter Hanshi did not allow such practices within Goju Kai.

I grew up to be a fine Karate Competitor. Patrick Plum and Peter Hanshi were on my side, and we were winners. I fought at a national level throughout the country, within Goju Kai karate and All Style karate. Karate became the centre of my life. We travelled abroad and in Africa. I am a Gold medalist of yesteryear.

In 1995 I took on a leadership role because my Sensei became busy with other things. At the time there were only three karate dojos in the township. Today, I command 10 dojos with potential to reach other areas. I have put my life into karate.

There are lots of children that need to be saved from bad influences such as drugs, alcohol abuse and criminal activities. They come from all street corners in the townships, hence the birth of Inter-Township School of Karate, under the leadership of African Worriers of Light. The Inter- Township School of Karate is not base on the individual enrichment, but on all children getting the chance to live a clean life style. By using karate as a disciplinary sport we can achieve this if we stay focused on the job at hand. In 2009 I successfully graded to Godan at Hombu Dojo under the guidance & tutelage of Frank Brandon Shihan.

I am looking forward to building a bigger and better Goju Kai in South Africa.