SA National Championships 2014

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The 39th Gojukai SA National Championship will take place from 29-31 August 2014 at Johannesburg University in Empire Road, Johannesburg.

The 6th Gojukai World Championships in Mumbai, India was a resounding success for South Africa with our team being the ultimate champions for the second time in a row. We look forward to repeating this achievement at the 7th World Championships in Canada.

The next three years will be vital for our karateka to continue with their training and competitions are an important part thereof.  Competing at provincial level will be an integral and important part of the preparations.

This year will be the first in the build up to the next World Championships and we are looking forward to being hosted by Gauteng Gojukai .

Events that will be included this year:

– Kata (Individual & Unison)

– Bunkai

– Ippon Kumite (Individual & Team)

– Jiyu Kumite

This year we are introducing younger age groups to Jiyu Kumite and Bunkai and we are most excited to see our younger generations demonstrate the authentic Goju skills they’ve acquired. Earlier introduction to these events will help them greatly in their preparation for the next World Championships where it is expected that these events will once again become a focal point for Gojukai.

We know that all competitors, coaches, team managers, parents and organizers have been hard at work in their preparations for this tournament. We wish you all the very best in these final weeks to the lead up.

May we all experience another wonderful Gojukai family event, filled with courage, camaraderie, sportsmanship and great spirit.