Japan Tour – May 2016


The June/July Japan Cultural Exchange was yet another resounding success. Many students graded to their Shodan black belt. This also yielded three new Sensei. The time spent together on this collective journey will never be forgotten. These tours are truly life-changing. A photo book is in production and will be available for viewing on the website soon.

Members include:
Chloe Jade Adams
Jessica Leandra Majiet
Alex Burger
Ben Prinsloo
Darren Moore
Michael Michalakis
Shamiel Naidoo
Liam van Wyk
Simon de Waal
Meyer Nigrini
Kai Ross
Josias Hoffman
Gideo Joubert
Corne Beukes
Andrew Moore
Nicolaas Geldenhuys
Sebastian Bimray
Dyllon Davids
Ryan Eloff
Kennan Fairlamb
Jade Johnson
Darryn Kings
Lloyd Louw
Herschel-Michael Maasdorp
Wian Harm
Francois du Plessis
Frank Brandon
Craig Kansley
Peter Brandon