IKGA Championships


The selection process will be based on the criteria set out by the National Body based on results achieved at the 2014, 2015 and 2016 South African National Championships.

The South African team currently stands at 150 team members and 88 supporters = 238.

The committee are working round the clock in order to make this experience something our karateka will never forget.  We will keep all involved up to date regularly as this team has a general meeting every Friday in order to answer queries and meet deadlines.

This team endeavours to make sure that all needs of All Africa Goju Kai are met.


The IKGA Championships in Canada promises to be a world class event with the Canadian organizing committee having secured the Richmond Oval Stadium which was used for the 2010 Winter Olympics.  Vancouver is a safe travel destination for our team to visit and promises to be a spectacular city to explore. Canada is truly mesmerizing and we should embrace the opportunity of visiting this magical country.

Once again, we will be meeting up with our massive world Goju Kai family and team members from the last world tournament will be reunited with friends made four years ago in India.

As the current IKGA Champions we will be working hard towards retaining the IKGA Cup at the 7th IKGA Championships. If we are successful in our quest, this would make us the overall champions forthree consecutive IKGA Championships spanning over twelve years. We look forward to proving that Team South Africa is truly deserving of the title of “World Champions”.