Free- State Province had the privilege to host the first joint region national seminar between Free- State and Gauteng on the 24th of August this year.

The seminar was well supported by senior members from Gauteng, Free- State and Port Elizabeth. All traveling members were hosted by members from the Free- State. I thought this was important so that the members of our Goju- Kai family can have the chance to build friendships not only on the tatami but also on a social level.

Frank Brandon Shihan kicked off the training in “Great Spirit” as always. From the start is was made clear that these seminars are hosted to create uniformity in the teaching of our style and to make sure that everyone’s basic understanding of Kata, Kihon and Bunkai is the same so that the legacy of Goju- Kai can live on through correct training and teaching.

Hanshi Brandon together with the assistance of Frank Shihan continued through kata training from Gekisai ich through to Saipei Kata on a tremendous technical level. Hanshi made it clear that the movements are not merely a dance but an actual fight demonstrated by Bunkai and that your mind set must be as such.

Saturday morning after a Shihan class a junior grade class was held with the emphasis being focused on Kihon training to build a strong foundation. The class was divided into groups of seniority and students had the opportunity to train with instructors from the different provinces overseen by Hanshi Brandon. The session ended with Hanshi handing everyone at the seminar a branded training towel to serve as a memory of their experience.

After lunch there was a Brown and Black belt training session, focusing on using the basics in more senior kata and kihon.

The seminar ended with a training session for Sandan and above as a pre- grading, training Oyo- ido, yohon, gohon kumite and senior kata.

We had a successful grading with two members grading to Shodan and another two to Sandan.

I want to extend a special thanks to Gary Shihan Clayton Thom Sensei, Warda Malik Sensei and Lance Oaks Sensei for attending our seminar.

Thank you also to Brandon Hanshi and Frank Shihan, it is always an honoured experience to train and learn from you.

Yours truly in Goju Kai

Hans Haasbroek

Cell: 082 5505 855