Eastern Province Seminar – 2014

Eastern Province Training 02

The Eastern Province Seminar for 2014 was a huge success. The event has seen karate-ka from all over South Africa visiting Port Elizabeth to meet and train with each other.

This was one of the biggest and most successful seminars held in Eastern Province. We had the privilege of having 138 Goju-Kai members attend the seminar- many of whom came from outside Port Elizabeth. The visiting provinces were Western Province, Gauteng, Freestate and Border. We also had members from our Port Alfred dojo joining us.

The seminar started on Friday, 31 October 2014 with brown and black belt training. This session was well attended. Peter Brandon Hanshi and Frank Brandon Shihan went through kihon and kata training. A lot of emphasis was put on standardization of the Goju-Kai syllabus.

On the 1st of November the training commenced at 8h30 – 10h30 with all the colour belts. Peter Brandon Hanshi and Frank Shihan took a great class and it was enjoyed by everyone.

Later the classes were divided into groups and Peter Hanshi appointed Shihan and senior instructors with each group. All students enjoyed the quality training conducted by all instructors.

The 11h00 – 12h40 session, was training for brown belts and above. Focus was put on kata training. Peter Hanshi and Frank Shihan went through kata Geki sai dai Ichi up to Seinchin.

Training commenced again after lunch, with Sandan and above training. Here we did senior kata and Oyo ido. Peter Hanshi and Frank shihan also used this opportunity to guide the instructors on how conduct training sessions when dealing with students. A lot of emphasis was put on the standardisation and application of the kata and Kihon. We all had a greater understanding of Goju movement and principals.

After the Instructor class Peter Hanshi and Frank Shihan conducted the Shihan class.

The grading commenced after the Shihan training. Hanshi Peter appointed a panel for the Shodan and Nidan grading. They consisted of all Godan (Clayton Sensei, Hans Sensei, Siyabonga Sensei and Geneva Sensei) with Frank Shihan being the appointed panel head.

The Sandan grading panel consisted of all the Shihan (Frank Shihan, Anton Shihan, Glen Shihan, Darren Shihan, Gary Shihan, Sue Shihan) with Peter Hanshi being the panel head.

The grading went well and everyone was happy with the overall standard.

The seminar ended with a farewell dinner.