Dan Grading – Japan (Senior group 8 – 16 October 2018)


An elite group of students will travel to Japan and grade under the legendary Yamaguchi family.

Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi and the Hombu Dojo staff in Japan are arranging the 2018 Cultural Exchange.




  • On arrival in Japan students will be transported by bus to the Tokyo Sports Village, which is very secure and houses state of the art sporting facilities. Students will stay and train with Saiko Shihan at the Tokyo Sports Village as well as at the Hombu Dojo (International Head Quarters).


  • Students will also train at Masatoshi Shihan’s dojo, Masatoshi Shihan is a 7 time World Champion and is the current All Japan Head Coach for competition


  • During this tour students will participate in short excursions to the surrounding


  • The grading will be headed by Saiko Shihan Yamaguchi, Hiromasa Kikuchi Hanshi, Peter Brandon Hanshi and Masatoshi Yamaguchi


The following outings are also planned whilst in Japan:


  • Tour to the beautiful countryside of Kamakura to see the great Buddha and ancient temples


  • Zazen, meditation training with Japanese monks


  • A cultural exchange with Guma Dojo, a Goju Kai dojo situated in the countryside


  • Harajuku by night


The above schedule is subject to change