Chief Instructor

Francois du Plessis

IMG_3563l was born in Worcester 29 June 1965′ Since l can remember I have been fascinated by martial arts and always wanted to do karate.  ln 1974, at the age of

nine, my karate career started. I was, and still am, karate mad.

Initiaily I was taught by Fanie Germishuys for a short period. He was a former student of Peter Hanshi’ Peter Hanshi then started to visit Worcester every week teaching myself and Johnny Cardoso Shihan’.

Under his watchful eye , we helped as assistant instructors.

My passion for karate grew, and the discipline and respect I was taught through the art of karate has helped me throughout my life in achieving my goals.

As a young child I often travelled to Cape Town alone by train to visit Peter Hanshi and to he instructed by him.

In 1982 my first dream came true when Peter Hanshi graded me to Shodan. I was 17 years old.

The Gogen Yamaguchi Memorial world championships took place in 1983 in Tokyo Japan. This was surely one of the most memorable years of my life’ I was selected to participate in this Coju-Kai World Championships.

I took part in the iunior men’s division in kumite and won the world championships, something I never thought possible. This was an experience I will never forget. I was truly privileged to have attended this event.