Sponsor A Child

Through Goju Kai karate, it is the intention to establish a sound local and international network to enable the students to have the right opportunities to reach their maximum potential through their art/sport.


  • To have a minimum of 40 fully sponsored students training at the Dojo in Mowbray
  • To create pride,integrity and honour within children using the ancient precepts of Goju Kai
  • Enable the students to be skilled and disciplined karateka
  • Aim to have at least 90% retention in the sponsorship program
  • Karate and related activities including kit to be sponsored
  • To aim for an annual cultural exchange program with Japan which will incorporate a student’s black belt grading
  • Improved schooling opportunities for students
  • Job creation for older students
  • Health education – increasing students awareness of HIV/Aids and other health issues



  • Identification of existing students demonstrating potential and commitment to karate as well as displaying diligence and general attitude to life
  • Identify suitable sponsors for karate, schooling, job creation
  • Sponsored children must show commitment by attending all classes, competitions, gradings (karate exams), clinics and seminars
  • Karate to provide the necessary support, guidance and structure to students
  • Reporting on students progress to be provided to sponsors




  • Increased sponsorship for investment in and the development of deserving students who do not have the means to achieve theirs dreams without intervention and assistance
  • Disciplined, focused and ambitious students who recognize that through hard work dreams can come true
  • Dedicated, highly skilled students who are recognized and rewarded for their achievements
  • Exposure to local and international travel, experiencing different people and cultures


  • Sponsorship costs cover the karate tuition, karate gear and participation at competitions, clinics, gradings (karate exams), seminars and transport.


There are a number of students who cannot afford to participate at particular events and in this instance, any contribution towards the program is pooled together and a number of children’s costs are covered at that time. These pooled funds are also utilised towards student’s weekly tuition, transport costs, cultural exchange programs, various karate related activities such as gradings, seminars, competitions and any other incidental costs.



Potential sponsors have the option to sponsor an individual child. The AWOL committee has identified a number of deserving students and will discuss with a potential sponsor the reasons for each child having been identified for assistance. A brief background document is available detailing information about the child, their home life, schooling and dreams for the future. The estimated breakdown for an individual child to be sponsored over a twelve month period is as follows:


Affiliation Fee – R120,00

 Tuition Fees – R3 840,00

 Transport – R3 600,00

 Competition Fees – R 300,00

 Grading Fees – R 240,00

 Clinic Fees – R 400,00

 Seminar Fees – R1 180,00

 Karate Suit – R 300,00

 Gloves – R 60,00

 Belt – R 80,00

 Gum Guard – R 30,00

 Admin. Fee – R 720,00

 TOTAL = R10 870,00 per annum



Account Name: African Warriors of Light

Bank: First National Bank

Account Number:62264065428

Branch code: 200309