2013 Free State Gashuku Report

L to R: Frank Brandon Shihan, Hans Haasbroek Snr Shihan, Hans Hansbroek Sensei

The Free State Gashuku was held in Bloemfontein on Friday  and Saturday 13 & 14 September 2013. Shihan Frank Brandon was nominated by Hanshi Peter Brandon to lead the proceedings.

The seminar was well attended by Free State as well as a number of students from Eastern Province and Gauteng. My request was to concentrate on training methods to support competition kata and kumite.

Friday evening was dedicated to kata training for Nidan and higher grades using eight directions with segments of kata Gekisai Ichi, Saifa, Seinchin and Seipai. This was done in such a way that through repetition the segments of the kata was strengthened. The repetition and intensity also tested the stamina of the students. The rest of the evening was spent to reminisce over a typical Free State Braai.

Saturday started off with a pre-grading class for the students that was grading later in the day. This was followed by a training session for black belt students. This session concentrated on kata Seipai an Kururunfa. The rest of the morning was dedicated to colour belts to help them prepare for tournament kata.

 A successful grading was held for Shodan and Nidan grades. Eight Shodan and four Nidan grades were awarded.

This gashuku was conducted in the true Goju spirit and all participants will savour the memory of friendship for a long time.

I thank Shihan Frank Brandon for the quality time that he spent with us.


Yours faithfully


Hans Haasbroek Shihan