2012 Report on Cape township dojo’s

2012 Township Training
Cape Township students stand to attention in a class led by Frank Brandon Shihan
Cape Township students stand to attention in a class led by Frank Brandon Shihan

Since Peter Brandon Hanshi opened his first dojo in Nyanga in 1968, the growth of Goju Kai in Western Cape townships has been encouraging. As it stands, we currently have 7 instructors teaching more than 200 students in Nyanga, Khayelitsha, Phillipi, Old Cross Roads, New Cross Roads, Langa & Gugulethu.


Frank Brandon Shihan & Emmanuel Dyantyi Shihan have been close friends in Goju Kai for over 30 years and have shared the passion of youth empowerment in the townships through the beautiful art of Goju Kai.Every term they team up to visit each dojo where they train and assess the teaching and training standards. 



Soci Sempai assists a young student to correct his posture

Over the course of the assessment week Frank Shihan is introduced to the students and has an opportunity to fine tune their tuition.

 A very successful camp was held in late 2012 where many students performed well and achieved their next grade. Well done to all these students and well done also to Dyantyi Shihan & his Assistant Instructors for conducting a top class camp!

 At the end of 2012 Frank Shihan conducted an instructors’ class in Langa. In his words: “I am honoured & proud to be in a position to take my father, Peter Brandon Hanshi’s vision forward”.


Frank Brandon Shihan & Emmanuel Dyantyi Shihan oversee a grading test in a township dojo


Taking this vision forward requires constant investment in our students – A select group of township students will now receive additional special tuition at the Hombu Dojo every Saturday.

We look forward to seeing their progress with great excitement.